By Maria Pasquini /
December 15, 2017
Getty Images

Christmas came early for one man in Paris!

On Friday, a homeless man walked away from Charles de Gaulle airport in France with 300,000 euros — which is $354,000 — according to multiple reports.

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According to The New York Times, the man — whom local police recognized as among the homeless population who slept in the area near the airport — had been looking through the trash when he came across the door of a cash management company called Loomis in terminal 2F at the airport. Upon leaning against the door, he realized it was unlocked, after which he went inside and walked out with two bags of cash.

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The BBC reported that the police are currently looking for the man. He left behind a suitcase but it did not provide any clues as to his identity.

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According to The Local, a source close to the investigation told French newspaper Le Parisien, “This is indeed extremely fortuitous. This homeless man benefited from a combination of circumstances to land himself a huge Christmas present.”