There’s nothing more adorable than wearing coordinating looks with your pets

By Maria Pasquini /
July 16, 2019
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Courtesy of PabloandCoBoutique/Etsy

The hottest new shirts of the summer come in two sizes: one for you, and one for you dog!

There’s nothing more adorable than wearing coordinating looks with your pets, and the Pablo and Co Boutique Etsy shop is making twinning easier than ever by selling Hawaiian shirts in both human and canine sizes.

The Australian-based online retailer sells a variety of adorable homemade outfits and accessories for dogs, including three different prints of the summertime fashion staple that is the Hawaiian shirt — which have hundreds of five-star reviews.

Courtesy of PabloandCoBoutique/Etsy

For those pet lovers who aren’t afraid of a little color (or a whimsical print), the shop has a light pink shirt covered with cartoon alligators soaking up the sun and catching some waves at the beach.

Offering a more traditional Hawaiian shirt print, there’s also a darker pink shirt which is decorated with toucans and flowers.

Rounding out the choices is a more subtle print that you and your dog will go absolutely bananas over!

Courtesy of PabloandCoBoutique/Etsy

The adorable white shirt is covered with an all-over banana print that offers up a fun, and nutritious, way to show off your doggy and me style.

However, when placing your order it’s important to note that the human and dog-sized shirts are sold separately!

All of the human-sized shirts cost between $43 and $50, while the ones for your canine friends will range from $29 to $31.

Although many of the sizes for both owners and pets are selling out, there are plenty of other adorable offerings to treat your pet to — including visors, band t-shirts, bandanas and bow-ties.

Happy shopping!