According to Rover's survey, over 50% of female dog owners proudly refer to themselves as a "dog mom."

By Kelli Bender /
May 11, 2019
Getty Images

For non-pooch parents, National Dog Mom’s Day may seem a little over-the -top, but a new survey from shows dog moms put in plenty of work, love and time into their babies, just like human moms. recently polled female dog owners about their pet parenting behaviors and found that 3 of 4 female dog owners refer to themselves as dog moms, with 40% owning “dog mom” apparel.

But these dog moms aren’t just using the name, they are putting in the hours too. Almost half of those polled make a point of celebrating their fur babies birthday, and these dog mom are there for the bad days too.

Out those who took the survey, 40% say they have stayed up all night to comfort their dog, and 24% have called out of work to stay home with their sick pup.

Like any mom, dog moms love to brag about their babies, with 62% of those polled confessing to having dozens of photos of their dog and 50% admitting to gushing about their canine anytime they meet someone new.

To see all of the results from Rover’s dog mom survey, visit their website.