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China recently unveiled a brand-new bullet train, connecting Beijing with the city of Zhangjiakou, where many of the 2022 Winter Olympics events will be... Read More

Harbin, China is considered to be one of the coldest places on Earth. It’s a superlative the city’s 5 million residents don’t take lightly. In fact, for... Read More

The world’s largest-ever river cruise ship is headed to China next year as the country’s cruise industry continues to expand.The Victoria Sabrina, U.S.... Read More

Hong Kong was the most visited city in the world for this year, despite political unrest and massive protests, according to a new report. According... Read More

The first road bridge linking Russia and China is complete following the launch of a natural gas pipeline between the two countries, Reuters... Read More

Bridges aren’t usually the first thing you think of when choosing where to go on vacation, but these often-overlooked passageways can be architectural... Read More

When it comes to skylines, Shanghai knows how to impress. From the Oriental Pearl Tower, which looks like a spaceship with its massive domes, to the... Read More

Whether the culprit is too many tequila shots in Tijuana or a magnum bottle of Cristal enjoyed overlooking the vineyards of Champagne, the aftereffect... Read More

A long-haul flight from the U.S. to Asia can mean cramped leg room and not-so-great food for many travelers who are typically squeezed into too-small... Read More

China plans to create its own national parks system by 2020 and aiming to set aside land on a Tibetan plateau that mimics Yellowstone, The... Read More

England’s former soccer captain — and one of the most recognizable faces on the planet — David Beckham has unveiled plans for an unexpected career... Read More

A Chinese pilot has been banned for life after he let a woman take a photo of herself in the cockpit earlier this year. And executives of the... Read More

Tiffany & Co. will forever be associated with New York City, home to the jeweler’s iconic Fifth Avenue flagship. But for its new exhibition, billed... Read More

Although the world’s largest airport has been open already for a number of weeks, few travelers from outside of China have been able to experience the... Read More

It’s now easier than ever for Americans to visit the most famous parts of China.The country has expanded the number of cities where visitors can apply... Read More

A trip to Asia is a far-flung event with ancient temples, diverse cuisines, and colorful traditions. But there’s also a darker side to experience, one... Read More

It's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of China’s capital city. With a staggering population of over 21 million people, Beijing is many things... Read More

There are dozens of different animal cafes around China — places where you can sip tea and hang out with cats, owls or raccoons. But there’s only one... Read More

A passenger at a Chinese airport was caught trying to smuggle a lighter in his mouth as he passed through security.The man was passing through security... Read More

Last month, the world's largest airport opened in Beijing. And now it has a hotel to match its stature. Travelers who are passing through Beijing... Read More

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times to fly in America as hordes of people head home for some turkey, stuffing — maybe a pumpkin spice latte? —... Read More

What makes a place green? Well, that depends on how you define it. For some countries, like Indonesia, it’s all about building a school with sustainable... Read More

Next time you feel like you need a little extra air on your flight, maybe just open your air vent a little.According to the South China Morning... Read More

Beijing Daxing International Airport began its first commercial flights on Wednesday. When it reaches full capacity, it is expected to... Read More

You may soon be singing “Let It Go” to your frequent flyer miles.New details about Hong Kong Disneyland’s Frozen land were revealed at D23 Expo over the... Read More

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