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About nine years late and billions of dollars over budget, Berlin’s “cursed” airport is scheduled to finally open.And even the opening date is spooky:... Read More

The city of Berlin has approved a plan to transform historical landmark Checkpoint Charlie into a public square, complete with Cold War museum.During... Read More

What’s better than a baby panda? Two baby pandas!The Berlin Zoo has shared some new photos of the twin pandas that were born there in August, and the... Read More

On Monday, thieves broke into the vault at Dresden’s Royal Palace in Germany and somehow made off with an estimated $1 billion worth of famous jewels.... Read More

Authorities in Berlin have banned actors portraying American soldiers at Checkpoint Charlie, the famous Cold War-era gateway between East and West... Read More

A former Nazi bunker in Hamburg, Germany will open to the public in 2021 as a 136-room hotel, complete with bar, cafe and rooftop garden.The “design and... Read More

Getting a new stamp in your passport can be exciting. And while you may already have a passport from the country you were born in, you can also get... Read More

How did we not know? %image2For the past few years, clubs across Germany have been taking on pug racing, hoping to rebrand the short, ... Read More

Let's talk about stealing glassware: If you go out for drinks on the regular, chances are you've at least wanted to take a glass home with you.... Read More

The rise in plant-based eating has inevitably led to more demand for vegan food tours around the world. From 2014 to 2017, the United States alone saw a... Read More

What makes a place green? Well, that depends on how you define it. For some countries, like Indonesia, it’s all about building a school with sustainable... Read More

In more than 150 countries around the globe, youths are taking to the streets this Friday as part of the Global Climate Strike with the aim of getting... Read More

Colorful rows of glittering fairy lights surrounding charming cobblestone streets with small wooden figurines ready to come home in your suitcase — it... Read More

A German city that, according to some, may not exist is offering one million euro to anybody who can prove the conspiracy theory true.The town of... Read More

Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival, draws 6 million people from all over the world — and everyone’s there to do one thing: drink. As you’d... Read More

Meng Meng, the Berlin Zoo’s giant panda, is believed to pregnant — but the focus of animal lovers everywhere remains on two male king penguins who have... Read More

The Volkswagen Beetle or “Bug” has a history that dates back to 1938 — but the car has only become more iconic and beloved with time. The vehicle has... Read More

If you’re taking a trip to Europe with kids, don’t just drag them around to the major cities. Spice things up and make a stop at one of the continent’s... Read More

The second heat wave of the summer is bearing down on Europe and is threatening to break records once again.On Tuesday, the French city of Bordeaux... Read More

After drinking on velvet furniture in dark lounges all winter, we’re ready for spritzy cocktails in sunny bars with the best views of skylines and... Read More

There are plenty of breathtaking places to visit in the world.There are natural wonders like the Grand Canyon or ancient ruins like the Colosseum, or... Read More

Last year, TripAdvisor launched its inaugural “Travelers’ Choice Awards,” which recognizes 375 tours, experiences, and activities around the world. The... Read More

The Bauhaus, the influential German school of Modernist design founded by Walter Gropius, whose members included architects such as Ludwig Mies van der... Read More

A newly restored 19th-century wooden German sailboat crashed and sank just days after hitting the water again. Five people were injured in the crash... Read More

No matter where you find them, rainbows are just plain magical. Especially when they’re being trailed off the back of an airplane.According to the Daily... Read More

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