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It’s been a busy year for Mary Berry, author and beloved former judge on The Great British Bake Off (or The Great British Baking Show, as it’s called in... Read More

Sometimes, just a little nip of gin is all you need. Especially if you’re cleaning the Queen’s jewels.According to People, Queen Elizabeth’s longtime... Read More

Meghan Markle had a special guest drop by her Windsor home this week.On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton paid a visit to Frogmore Cottage and met Meghan, 38,... Read More

Qantas is proceeding on its epic long-haul flights test.On Thursday, a 19-hour flight from London to Sydney took off from London Heathrow at 6 a.m. It... Read More

London's National Portrait Gallery is closing in 2020 for renovations, but, thankfully, art lovers will be able to find the museum's works elsewhere in... Read More

After two years of solo appearances, Prince Harry was joined by his wife Meghan Markle at the Field of Remembrance service at Westminster Abbey on... Read More

Queen Elizabeth has always been a fashion icon, but her latest clothing decision may be her best one yet.Angela Kelly, who has worked for the Queen for... Read More

Prince Charles has been dragged into a counterfeit art scandal after it was revealed that classic works of art displayed at his Dumfries House estate in... Read More

Sports fans will often do just about anything to get to or from a game and The Duke of Sussex is no different.Prince Harry was spotted flying on... Read More

Kate Middleton may be the Duchess of Cambridge and future Queen of England but that doesn’t mean she isn’t into regular mom stuff too, which... Read More

This article originally appeared on English cottage where Lily and James Potter intended to raise their son Harry — until He Who Must... Read More

Travel can be hectic and when you travel to some of the busiest cities in the world, that frenetic energy can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are... Read More

Not ready to move into a hobbit house? Now there’s a better way to live in the world of your favorite fantasy novels.The long-time home of author J.R.R... Read More

When Kate Middleton unveiled her new garden titled "Back to Nature" for the Chelsea Garden show this May, it was her outfit — specifically her sneakers ... Read More

This article originally appeared on's Gatwick airport is running a trial scheme that it claims can speed up passenger... Read More

Before Queen Elizabeth puts on any pair of shoes, her dressmaker and close confidant, Angela Kelly, breaks them in herself. In Hello!‘s... Read More

Because I was the youngest child in a large, fractious family, I spent many of my formative years in search of solitude and silence. When I was eight,... Read More

A European vacation can be filled with any number of great attractions, from high-end dining to fairytale castles to bespoke tours that take in the... Read More

When Isle of Man residents Nick and Voirrey Coole were getting ready for a vacation to New York, they didn’t intend to pack their pet cat, Candy, into... Read More

London's priciest mode of public transportation to and from Heathrow Airport just got way cheaper, thanks to construction of the city's newest tube... Read More

An American Airlines flight from the UK to the US was forced into an emergency landing in Ireland Monday after two crew members were knocked unconscious... Read More

Prince Harry is opening up about his relationship with his brother, Prince William.The Duke of Sussex, 35, opened up about the rumored rift between him... Read More

Whether you want to walk in the footsteps of the British royal family or simply find the perfect afternoon tea, every traveler should visit The Big... Read More

Prince Harry is not only a doting dad, he’s also one supportive husband to wife Meghan Markle.The royal couple, who welcomed their son Archie on May 6,... Read More

James Brown, an Irish climate change protester who also happens to be a former paralympian, was arrested for climbing on top of a British Airways... Read More

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