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Whether you want to walk in the footsteps of the British royal family or simply find the perfect afternoon tea, every traveler should visit The Big... Read More

Kate Middleton and Prince William are following the footsteps of William’s late mother, Princess Diana, during their visit to Pakistan.The royal couple... Read More

Prince Harry is not only a doting dad, he’s also one supportive husband to wife Meghan Markle.The royal couple, who welcomed their son Archie on May 6,... Read More

Prince William and Kate Middleton are on what experts call the “most complex” royal tour to date in Pakistan. While a lot of work may have gone into... Read More

Your frequent flier air miles could be damaging the environment, according to a new report from the UK government’s climate advisory committee.The... Read More

James Brown, an Irish climate change protester who also happens to be a former paralympian, was arrested for climbing on top of a British Airways... Read More

Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran are working to raise awareness for gingers.Wait, no they aren't! That's just what a very confused Ed seems to think in a... Read More

Kate Middleton is having a solo day out!The royal mom paid a visit to the Natural History Museum, of which she is patron, on Wednesday to learn how the... Read More

There are many different types of tea experiences you can have around the world: a green tea ceremony with geishas in Japan, tea with Queen Elizabeth II... Read More

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are back together — for a good cause.The two royal couples, who have split their offices... Read More

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may get a lot of attention for both their personal and official travels, but we can’t forget that Prince William and his... Read More

You now have the perfect excuse to move to a beach house.A study by the University of Exeter in the UK found that people who live less than a kilometer ... Read More

Prince William and Kate Middleton will soon be welcoming new neighbors to Kensington Palace.According to reports, Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester... Read More

It’s hard to know where the best places to stay with your dog are, but one UK travel company is trying to make it much easier.When humans are looking to... Read More

What makes a place green? Well, that depends on how you define it. For some countries, like Indonesia, it’s all about building a school with sustainable... Read More

Ever wanted to be a real-life Lord and Lady of the Manor? Now’s your chance.A historic home once owned by Matilda of Flanders, the wife of William the... Read More

The UK Space Agency announced its plans for a “space plane” capable of carrying passengers from New York to London in just one hour. And it could be in... Read More

This article originally appeared on Palace used to have a private bar in it for royal staff.However, the Queen ... Read More

The Thomas Cook tour company and airline shut down on Monday, leaving thousands of tourists stranded on holidays around the globe.The company,... Read More

If you’re a cat person looking for a lush hotel stay in London, we’ve got the perfect (purr-fect?) accommodation for you.The Lanesborough is a truly... Read More

Stephen Channell knows how to take a good photo.The 25-year veteran of the music industry-turned cabbie and tour guide (and now shutterbug) stood in the... Read More

In more than 150 countries around the globe, youths are taking to the streets this Friday as part of the Global Climate Strike with the aim of getting... Read More

In some cases, the nearest emergency exit from your vacation rental may be behind you.A campsite in the UK has transformed a former Etihad jet into one... Read More

Like many little school girls, Savannah Hart was given the chance to take home her class “pet” — in this case, a sweetly tattered toy monkey named... Read More

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle may have taken their fair share of personal holidays this summer. And it looks like they aren’t quite done yet.... Read More

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